Spiritfilled: enriching whisky

New Era of Casks "NEOC"

Welcome to Spiritfilled. We're glad that you have used the QR code to start to learn a little more about us and the NEOC process in whisky making.

NEOC stands for ‘New Era of Casks’ and we are the first and only Scotch whisky company to use this new technique of enhancing aged casks to enrich our exceptional single malts.

The NEOC Process

The NEOC process takes place in Cognac, conducted by specialist Cooper ASC. It’s a bit like re-char de-char. But, NEOC is even better at producing exceptional results.

Expert coopers dismantle the finest available casks. The barrel staves are finely shaved to expose the deeply ingrained seasoning that earlier fillings simply couldn’t reach.

The cask is then reassembled and gently ‘toasted’ by fire, for 45 minutes, which is a longer toasting time than traditional re-char/de-char. The charring process creates an ‘active’ layer of toasted oak with new, rich flavour compounds.

We then decant our whisky from their first fill casks into these special NEOC casks. The refilled casks are left for 6 to 12 months during which the whisky is enriched and takes on new flavour profiles.

Spiritfilled Mythical Beasts Single Cask Scotch Whisky

Exceptional whiskies

Our whisky masters check and taste the liquid periodically to ensure the end result is exceptional and to determine when it’s ready to bottle.

Our first NEOC expression launch was our Glenrothes 15 YO which is now a three times Gold Medal winner.

Spiritfilled will continue to experiment with the NEOC process with new and unusual casks.

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We will be making a video in the new year and will let you know when it’s available to watch this process in action.