Russell Spratley Director Spiritfilled

I've always been a firm lover of single malt whisky. This dates back to when my Uncle (an avid Laphroaig drinker) would bring a bottle to our family gatherings. I was always fascinated by his stories of whisky distilleries and the complexity and uniqueness of the flavours. So, it was a natural progression to be sharing my knowledge over the years with others! 

Before Spiritfilled was launched, I spent many years involved in the world of whisky (on both a professional and personal level). My goal was to create a company that provides a complete end-to-end solution for clients to immerse themselves into. As an asset, whisky was almost a bit of an unknown until recent years. However, the strong growth in the market (which looks to continue) made it clear there was an opportunity to provide an alternative to potentially volatile traditional investment markets.  

I wanted to ensure that we put our clients at the very centre of our offer by providing a personal service to help guide them through each and every stage of the process. From selecting the right casks for each individual. All the way through to a seamless exit - whether that be selling the cask, bottling, or working in collaboration with us to bottle through our independent brand.  

With all this in mind, Spiritfilled was born. Having built a fantastic team of trusted whisky experts we've far exceeded our expectations of growth. This has allowed us to push forward with our multi-award-winning single malt bottling brand - Spiritfilled Mythical Beasts. Not only does this offer a solid option of exit for our clients through potential collaboration, but it also allows us to showcase the deep knowledge we have on selecting the right casks, the right whisky and the optimum time to bottle.  

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey and welcome your enquiries into our award-winning company and whiskies! 

Russell Spratley, Director