Sell Your Whisky Cask

We Can Help You Sell Your Whisky Cask

We work with a large network of private individuals and institutions who want to invest in casks. If you’re looking to sell your whisky cask, we can help. We likely already have a potential buyer for you, amongst our clients.

By working with us, you can avoid the hassle of selling through an auction.

When you sell a whisky cask through an auction, you need to work with their timelines. And, because auction prices fluctuate, it is a risker sales option. Working with us means you can get your agreed price without high auction fees.

At Spiritfilled, we buy and sell whisky casks every day. We'll help you put a price on your cask based on the market value and help you get that price from an investor.

How To Sell A Whisky Cask

Quick Steps for Selling Whisky Casks

We make it easy to sell your whisky cask. It’s simple and straight forward. The three main steps are:

Step 1: You tell us about your cask, its age and character, and its current volume after the angels’ share.

Step 2: We’ll give you a valuation for your cask based on the current market.

Step 3: We find a buyer and sell your whisky cask.

It’s as easy as that. Because of our large network of clients, we can sell your cask and make sure you’re paid. Quickly, easily and efficiently.

How Much Is Your Whisky Worth

How Much Is Your Whisky Worth?

Get in touch to find out how much your whisky is worth. We’ll give you an appraisal of your cask based on the market value. There is no obligation to sell to us, and if you decide you're not ready to sell a whisky cask yet, at least you have a recent valuation and understand any fees you should consider.

You can discuss your cask with one of our cask experts and get an idea about whether you want to progress

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