Mythical Beasts Littlemill 30 Year Old Whisky


Key Facts About This Whisky

Range: Mythical Beasts

Distillery: Littlemill Distillery

Age: 30 Years Old

Region: Lowlands

Cask Type: Ex-bourbon barrel

Cask Ref: #638

Alcohol by Volume: Natural cask strength of 49.8%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Outturn: 190 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Littlemill 30 Year Old Tasting Notes

Colour: A light shimmering golden amber.

Nose: An enticing aroma of creamy dark chocolate with hints of fresh gingerbread and custard.

Palate: A highly refined balance of fruitiness comes through on the palate with caramelised peaches and rose family fruits complimenting fresh figs, sticky dates and raisins. Hints of sweet, warming spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise round off the flavour.

Finish: A long, confident yet elegant finish, with the exotic warming spices gathering momentum, leading to ripe apricots and toasted marshmallows.

Tasting notes by Lisa McWilliam, Spirits Writer, Great Taste Spirit Judge and Drinks Consultant.

Great Taste Judge

About this Mythical Beasts release

From 1772, on the banks of the mighty river Clyde, where metals and ore were once mined, Littlemill distillery made Scotland’s first ever licensed whisky, and continued to distil this rich Lowland single malt for over 200 years. 

In 1994, the stills of Littlemill fell silent. No more single malt was ever produced there again. In 2004, the remnants of its once proud buildings were tragically destroyed by a fire. All that remains now of the celebrated Littlemill are a few rare and precious casks. 

Spiritfilled are proud to present Littlemill cask #638 aged for 30 years in a Bourbon barrel. As elusive and precious as the Mythical Beast El Carbunclo, only 190 bottles exist. Each has a cask strength of 49.8%

About El Carbunclo

From deep in the undergrowth of the rolling Scottish Lowlands, a bright gem sparkles like a firefly in the pitch-dark night.

By jet black streams that race and churn into the mighty rivers of the Forth and Clyde, protecting his trove of treasure from those who wish him harm, this elusive, legendary creature lights his way by the ruby red coal glowing in his forehead.

A Mythical Beast of the night, protector of gold, precious metal and gemstones hewn from the Lowland’s mines, El Carbunclo offers enriching, fluid gold and great fortune only to those with the courage to seek him out.


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