Mythical Beasts Tormore 13 Year Old Whisky


Key Facts About This Whisky

Range: Mythical Beasts

Distillery: Tormore

Age: 13 Years Old

Region: Speyside

Cask Type: PX Cask Finish

Cask Ref: 700516

Alcohol by Volume: 61.3%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Bottle Size: 700ml

Tormore 13 Year Old Tasting Notes

Without water

Appearance : Light amber and gold

Nose: An elegantly light nose with cinnamon and apple pie

Palate: An initial complex rich spicy hit followed by apple sauce

Finish: Delicate and lengthy, maintaining the exotic spice with a fruity rounded finish

With water

Appearance: Light amber and gold

Nose: An elegant and well balanced blend of creamed coconut, butterscotch with vanilla and pineapple

Palate: Fruity layers of apricot and baked apple and plums with vanilla cream

Finish: A fine finish with the gentle fruits giving way to crème brulee

Tasting notes by Lisa McWilliam, Spirits Writer, Great Taste Spirit Judge and Drinks Consultant.

Great Taste Judge

About this Mythical Beasts release

This Single Malt was moved into a Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask for finishing. PX is an intensely sweet and dark sherry, which complimented the Tormore perfectly. The PX cask underwent a special process called New Era Of Cask (NEOC). This process brought out the full flavour profiles of the sherry cask into the whisky. We are the first company to ever use this process in Scotch whisky.

About Nyami Nyami

The sparkling blue waters of the mighty Spey wind their way through the idyllic Speyside landscape, their depths home to myriad mysteries and myths.  Gliding effortlessly through deep waterways, the River God Nyami Nyami radiates benevolence, using his supernatural powers to provide sustenance for his followers, bestowing wealth and good fortune, and protecting them from dark forces in troubled times. Yet there is a poignancy about his solitude; he searches the rivers endlessly, seeking a reunion with his beloved mate. If thwarted, this powerful beast has only to shake his mighty snake-like tail to send tremors through the earth and waves crashing to the riverbank. Smooth, strong and complex, with a sting in the tail, this mythical beast leaves a lasting impression. 

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