Which Country Buys The Most Whisky?

Whisky is expected to generate £73,639m revenue in global sales in 2021. That’s a lot of whisky. But what country buys the most whisky?

When we think of drinking whisky, our mind turns toward the glens of Scotland. We picture the vast warehouses full of maturing scotch. But Scotland isn’t the county that buys the most whisky. It’s far from it.

By ‘whisky,’ we don’t specifically mean scotch, which must come from Scotland. We are talking about the entire whisky segment of the economy.

The whisky segment contains distilled alcoholic beverages, made from grain basis that has been aged in wooden casks for at least three years. Besides Vodka, whisky is one of the most popular spirit worldwide. Great Britain and the U.S. are the world’s leading exporters of whiskey. Diageo, Suntory and Pernod Ricard are some of the world’s biggest producers.

Which Country Buys The Most Whisky?

Map showing how much each country spends on whisky each year

"Whisky - Worldwide." Statista, Statista Inc., https://www.statista.com/outlook/10020100/100/whisky/worldwide

You might be surprised that India will generate more revenue in whisky sales than any other country. That’s right, India buys the most whisky. In 2021, India is projected to have £16,311m in whisky revenue.

The second-largest whisky market by revenue in the United States. That might not come as a massive surprise. In 2021, The US is projected to have £14,144m in whisky revenue.

The countries with the next largest whisky by revenue are Brazil (£4,936m), Thailand (£4,798m) and Japan (£4,019m).

The World Whisky Market Is Dynamic And Growing

If global trends continue, whisky revenue will increase to £94,443m in 2025. The growing demand for whisky creates exciting investment opportunities.

Whisky benefits from its reputation for quality, authenticity and provenance. The supply of casks is imperative to production and is growing. This presents investment opportunities.

Whisky becomes a different and more valuable product as it gets older. The growing demand for premium whisky means that whisky kept in a cask appreciates in value over time. The resulting investment returns have been strong, particularly through an era of low interest rates.

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