What is a whisky cask broker?

Have you ever wondered about investing in whisky casks, but felt confused about where to start? This is where a whisky cask broker can help.

In simple terms, a whisky cask broker is someone who helps people buy, sell, and take care of whisky casks. Think of them as a helpful expert on speed-dial, who knows a lot about whisky and can guide you through everything to do with whisky casks.

As well as being an independent bottler, we're also a whisky cask broker. Here are some of the common questions we're asked by people new to the subject.

How do whisky cask brokers find casks for me?

Whisky cask brokers have connections with many whisky makers and sellers. These of course include distilleries. But they can include a range of other businesses connected to the whisky industry. For example, whisky warehouses, independent bottlers, and other cask brokers. They even have a network of private clients they can reach out to. Whisky cask brokers use these connections to find the best casks for you, based on your taste and budget.

Can a whisky cask broker tell me how much my cask is worth?

Yes, they can! Brokers know a lot about the whisky market and can tell you how much your cask is worth based on its age, where it's from, and how rare it is. A good whisky cask broker will give you an honest answer based on actual casks sales, so that the valuation is underpinned by evidence - at least as far as possible.

How do whisky cask brokers help me manage my casks?

A whisky cask broker will keep an eye on your casks and let you know if it's a good time to buy more or sell some. They can also help you make choices relating to your casks, for example whether to rerack into another cask for a finishing period.

Where do I store my whisky casks, and how do I protect them?

Whisky cask brokers will help you store your casks in fully-licenced "bonded warehouses". This is a government requirement for whisky casks, until they're bottled and duty paid. They can also help you get insurance to protect your casks from accidents or damage.

What happens when I want to bottle my whisky and sell it?

When it's time to bottle your whisky, a whisky cask broker can help you with the bottling process and even help design labels for your bottles. They may also be able to help with logistics, either themselves or via their partners, to help get the bottles to your door.

Want to work with a whisky cask broker?

In summary, a whisky cask broker will guide you through the exciting world of whisky casks. They can help you find, buy, and sell casks.

If you'd like to work with a whisky cask broker, we'd be delighted to help. We help our clients around the world buy and sell whisky casks every day. Contact us here today and we'd be pleased to talk further.

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