Investing in whisky casks

A fascinating and rewarding investment

Investing in whisky casks can be both fascinating and rewarding. Whisky can increase in value over time because the whisky changes and improves with each passing year. When you invest in a traditional asset like gold, market forces are the only factor that influences value. But, whisky changes in its very nature. The time it spends sleeping in that wooden cask changes it into a new, more mature, product. This increases the cask's value over time.

Strong growth performance

Because whisky improves over time, returns on maturing casks have performed well in the past. There are very few tangible assets that exhibit this inherent improvement in underlying quality, over time.

Safeguarding your asset

Investing in whisky casks from a credible broker comes with additional safeguards. A maturing cask must, by law, be stored in a government bonded warehouse. This secure provenance means your asset can't be falsified. And because casks are physical assets with intrinsic value, downside risk is limited. Further protection can be gained by insuring the cask while in storage.

Exit strategies when you're ready to sell

There are several exit strategies, and an active market to sell into. Options you’ll have include selling back into the investment market, selling into industry, or taking through to bottling.

Investing in whisky casks with Spiritfilled

Spiritfilled are expert cask brokers. We help whisky-loving clients around the world build their own cask portfolio. If you're interested in investing in whisky casks, we'd be pleased to explain further. You can find our free Whisky Cask Investment Guide here. And you can contact us for a no-obligation consultation here. We'll talk you through the process in detail, and can tell you about the casks we have available.

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