Introducing Mythical Beasts, The Qilin

We are constantly searching for the best and most unique stock on the market. We're excited to now launch our own series of independent bottlings: Mythical Beasts. This series features the best single cask whiskies, coupled with exquisite artwork. The first release in this series is a 12-year-old Caol Ila finished in a Pedro Ximenez sherry cask.

Mythical Beasts Caol Ila is a 12-year-old Islay whisky. We transferred this single malt into a Pedro Ximinez Sherry Cask for finishing. Pedro Ximinez is an intense, sweet, dark sherry, which compliments the Caol Ila well. The PX cask underwent a special process called New Era Of Cask (NEOC). This cutting-edge process brings out the full flavour of the sherry cask into the whisky. There were 260 bottles produced at a cask strength of 56.3% ABV. The whisky is natural colour and bottled without chill filtration.

This delectable scotch combines classic Islay notes with the best PX profile. Ian Wisniewski, spirits writer and broadcaster, provides these tasting notes:

  • Nose: Initial earthiness. Black olives in brine, followed by burnt toast, barbecue and asphalt notes. Then caramel and toffee apples add richness, with Brazil nuts at the edges.
  • Palate: Gentle, yielding mouthfeel, like silk draped across the tongue. Toasted, barbecue notes emerge spanning the palate. As the barbecue notes intensify, juicy, citrus top notes appear. These continue with creamy vanilla and caramel. There is a base layer of dry oak and digestive biscuits.  
  • Finish: Dryness and toastiness build up into barbecue notes.  Light maltyness and oak follow, and finally fruity sweetness.

Spiritfilled Mythical Beasts Qilin 12 Year Old Caol Ila

The Mythical Beast featured on the first release in this series is the Qilin. The Qilin combines the essence of Scotland with the spirit of Asia. An equine form, it gallops through wild Eastern forests. Sporting a majestic horn and a wreath of divine flames, it mirrors the Unicorn, the symbol of Scotland. The Qilin represents wisdom, justice and truth. Legend has it that all who commune with the Qilin reap the rewards of its benevolent spirit, finding good fortune and prosperity. Rich in character, the Qilin brings elements of ancient mythology into the modern age.

We pride ourselves in finding the best casks for our clients. Sometimes, while we're out searching for gems, we find something that we fall in love with. We're delighted to launch our new independent bottlings, and we can't wait to share these rare casks with other whisky lovers. The 'New Era Of Cask' process we've used for this release has brought out the full flavour profile of the PX cask into the whisky. We're the first company to ever use this process in Scotch whisky. With this fantastic outcome, this certainly won't be the last time!

Get your Mythical Beasts Caol Ila here while limited stocks last.

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