Are whisky cask investments worth it?

Whisky cask investment, done properly, can be as rewarding as it is interesting. 

Many of our private clients are, first and foremost, whisky fans. They love whisky. And, investing in whisky casks is the next step in a journey of learning and exploring that they will have been on for many years. Buying a whisky cask gives them the opportunity to delve further into the whisky world. And many of our clients have bought and sold multiple casks over the past couple of years.

Here are three common reasons why our clients feel whisky cask investments are worth it.

First, selecting, owning, and maturing whisky casks is fascinating

If you look at your own whisky journey, chances are you've enjoyed delving into the facts, stats and characteristics of the whiskies you've been drinking. It's a fascinating topic, one that becomes almost a hobby - certainly a passion.

Choosing whisky casks shares many of the same questions and considerations you'd apply to picking a bottle, albeit on a bigger scale. What are your favourite distilleries and styles? Do you prefer one cask style over another? Do you tend to veer towards young, bright and vibrant whiskies - or older and mellow whiskies with a touch of rancio? 

All of these considerations come into play when you choose, and then age, a cask of whisky. Whisky cask investment is therefore personal, it's a chance to put your own tastes to play.

Second, owning a cask of whisky comes with choices

Whisky cask investment, while a long-term affair, does come with interaction. There are choices you can make while you own your cask. 

Some of the choices are obvious, like how long do you want to hold your whisky cask for? But other choices are more involved. Do you want to re-rack your cask into a second cask for a finishing period? Do you want to sell the cask, or bottle it? Are you looking for pure return, or would you like your own bottles, from a cask you've looked after all those years?

These choices make the process of whisky cask investment engaging and interesting.

Third, whisky cask investment can provide healthy returns

And yes, whisky cask investment can be worth it in a monetary sense, too. As the whisky ages in the cask, it matures and its flavours develop. This process means that whisky ageing in casks increases in value. While past performance can never be a guarantee of the future, whisky casks have a good track record and allow for attractive potential returns.

Find out more about whisky cask investments

If you'd like to learn more about whisky cask investments, we'd be pleased to help. We're an expert cask broker, and we help clients around the world buy, own and sell whisky casks. We've written a free guide on whisky cask investments, which you may enjoy reading. And, if you'd like to find out more, you can speak with one of our experts - just contact us here.

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