Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 Year Old Whisky


Key Facts About This Whisky

Range: Mythical Beasts

Release: The Dryad

Distillery: Fettercairn

Age: 32 Years Old

Region: Highlands

Cask Type: Single cask bourbon hogshead

Alcohol by Volume: 48.6%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Limited Edition: 98 bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

Delivery: 3-5 days

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich, juicy apricots and raisins, followed by caramelised apples, garnished with creme brûlée and gingerbread, around a core of oak and English breakfast tea.

Palate: Elegant, generous mouthfeel, opens with juicy apricots, orange marmalade, lemon tart and hints of English breakfast tea, subtle sweetness and distinct dryness establish parameters and unite to create richness, with a finale of gingerbread, oak and maltyness.

Finish: Light dryness joined by maltyness, as dryness grows oak and orange marmalade join in.

Tasting notes by: Ian Wisniewski; Spirits Writer and Broadcaster, specialising in whisky.

About this single cask Fettercairn

Spiritfilled's second release in the series is an exciting one. We procured the cask from a private seller who has held the cask for over 30 years. With an outturn of 98 bottles, and at a cask strength of 48.6%, this whisky is an absolute winner. We didn't need to change anything about the profile of this single malt, it's been maturing in an ex-Bourbon hogshead since the filling in July 1989. You may also be interested in our third release, a 15 year old single cask Glenrothes.

About Spiritfilled's Mythical Beast, The Dryad

Deep in the beautiful forested green glens and groves of the Highlands stands a mighty oak. Strong and silent, it hides a secret, hidden in its core: a tree nymph, beautiful, shy and unique. The Dryad is deserving of our respect, with hidden strengths and beneficial supernatural powers, deeply connected to its Celtic roots, with an air of ancient timelessness. Our whisky reflects the smooth flowing power of this mythical being, in touch with Nature and the spirit of Scotland, housed in oak, flavoured with a hint of mystery and a timeless mystical quality.

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