Four reasons why people are interested in whisky cask investments

Whisky cask investment can be an exciting opportunity. After all, whisky is always interesting! And buying casks, when done right, can be a fascinating way to extend one's interest in whisky. In this article we're going to look at four reasons why whisky cask investments are attractive.

1: Whisky is a passion

If you're reading this article, chances are you're a whisky fan. It's one of those topics that fascinates people around the world. We start by tentatively exploring the world of whisky. We move into collecting bottles and absorbing all the details. And then some of us move into whisky casks as the next step in our whisky journey.

This is, to an extent, an obvious point to make. But in a world where there is a whole range of things to buy and invest your money in, choosing an area that's also a passion has to be a bonus.

2: Whisky casks become more valuable over time.

Whisky is aged in wooden barrels called casks. In Scotland, whisky must be aged for at least three years before it can be called Scotch. And in practice, it's usually aged for more than three years.

The reason this is such an important process is that maturing whisky in casks contributes the majority of the whisky's flavour. In other words, the more time it spends in the cask, the more flavoursome it becomes.

The more those flavours develop, the more desirable the cask becomes. For obvious reasons. People want great whisky. And therefore bottlers, blenders, and whisky companies want to buy well-aged delicious whisky casks. This means whisky cask investments can grow in value over time.

3: Whisky cask investments are tangible and physical

Many investments are somewhat virtual. But, whisky cask investments are tangible and physical. Whisky casks can be seen, touched, and tasted. They are also carefully looked after. They're stored in government-regulated bonded warehouses, under lock and key - helping to keep them safe. And, they can be insured and protected, for further security.

4: There's a range of different things one can do with whisky cask investments

Once you've bought your whisky cask there's a range of different things you can choose to do. 

  • First and foremost, you're likely to want to hold on to it. How long is your choice, but it will probably be measured in years. 
  • Second, you could choose to further develop its flavour. Reracking a cask into a second cask to 'finish', for example. This process layers further flavours onto your whisky. 
  • Third, you could choose to bottle your cask - in full or in part. There is a range of considerations here, including tax and legal. But there are also ways of getting help. And there are some bottlers who will let you keep a parcel of bottles, while they take the rest. 
  • Finally, you could choose to sell. Again, you have options. You could sell to private individuals, likely via a cask broker. Or, you could sell to someone in the whisky industry, for example, an independent bottler.

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